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I know what you're thinking... 


I thought this was supposed to be a company run by health ENTHUSIASTS!?

Bear with me.  

Spring is coming and you're feeling that nagging sensation that you need to start "eating clean" and "working out" after a winter season of hibernation and heavy layering.  It happens every year as soon as the layers start coming off... you feel the shift

I'd like you to take a second and honestly answer the following: 

  1. Is this the norm for you? 
  2. Do you often cycle between fits of extreme restriction and indulgence?
  3. How long have you had these habits? 
  4. Does each cycle start and end with guilt?
Gulp. #REALTALK.  

    Take a deep breath - you're not alone. It's difficult to stay committed to a life of green juice and 10k runs day-in-day-out.  I know even for myself as a naturopathic doctor, the constant struggle of balance can be exhausting.  We also know that heavy restriction only leads to overcompensation followed by shame and guilt. 

    Why is it so hard to make lasting change?  Why is this a problem that isn't going away?  You've been promised incredible results and a bright and shiny "new you" by following restrictive step-by-step programs.  You've been repetitively hardwired to fall prey to the vicious cycle of all-or-nothing laced with quick-and-easy.   

    Do we give up now and go out in a sugary fireball of refined carb rage!?!?!

    Enter: The "RETOX" Theory. 

    Lauren Imparato author ofRETOX: Yoga*Food*Attitude Healthy Solutions for Real Life describes it as the following:

    "Purity is the dream. Pollution is the norm. Modern urban life is unavoidable for most of us. Mental and physical toxins have seeped into every aspect of our existence, stress has permanently permeated our culture, and I am just going to say it for all of us—sometimes we just want to sit back, have a drink, chill the F out, and not think about it all. I get it... Retox is about opening yourself up and throwing yourself in so you can be whole. Retox is about you and your life—the life you’re living now, the life you want to love."


    Ultimately RETOX to us means learning to move through the modern world with our hearts open and heads held high.  It means accepting what we can change and what we don't have control over then taking steps to find balance.  The balance between making healthy choices and dropping the guilt when we make less healthy choices.  

    It means a life in moderation. 

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    So how do we break the cycle?  Here is where I give you the secret on how to start making long-term lifestyle changes - the exact advice I give to my patients in private practice.  


    1.  Learn that setting unspecific, unrealistic goals that require a high amount of effort with little immediate return are the ultimate recipe for failure. 

    • ex: I'm going to go from 0 workouts/week to hitting the gym 4x/week until I've got my summer bod. NOTHING WILL STOP ME. 
      2.  Setting small, specific goals helps you minimize effort and maximize reward (aka micro-goals) 
        • ex: I'll get to the gym 2x this week on Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 am for 30min for the next 3 weeks. 
        3.  Once you hit your micro-goal, REJOICE! Feels good, doesn't it?  Now set the next one and up the intensity and/or frequency
          • ex: add 1 x 60min yoga class on Sundays to my 2 days of weights at the gym. 
          4.  Be gentle with yourself.  Remember you are a human and life is chaotic and sometimes out of your control.  Do what you can and move on. 
            • ex: last minute early meeting scheduled during regular Monday morning workout - don't worry.  Do what you can to squeeze some type (ANY TYPE) of movement into the rest of your week or make sure you commit to your remaining two workouts.

             5.  TAKE OVER THE WORLD


            When we first launched as a company over 2 years ago we created our Teatox program with this very theory in mind. We wanted to create a program that gently helps support your system while giving you the option of adding lifestyle changes that can be customized to your needs without deprivation.  Ultimately we hoped the teatox would be a catalyst for lingering positive lifestyle changes and with the amazing feedback we have received - I am happy to say I think we've succeeded!   

            So although originally you may have thought this post was about alternating between carb-loading and starving yourself... I think you get the bigger picture.  

            Now get busy mico-goal setting and mico-goal CRUSHING. 


            nadia kumentas



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