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by Nadia Kumentas March 21, 2016

brittney hern affect health

Have you put your winter jacket away yet? (I have!!) The weather is warming up and the layers are coming off.  

Naturally, as soon as the weather starts warming up I have the urge to start moving my body more.  In light of my "movement motivation" I had the pleasure of chatting with Brittney Hern - fitness superstar, Nike Trainer extraordinaire, and good friend!

I drilled Britt on some key questions about some of the things we often struggle in regards to: fitness, life, fear, and motivation.  She left us with some awesome key tips you can incorporate into your day-to-day, whatever your fitness goals are!

Q: What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to start incorporating a new exercise routine? 

I think a lot of people set themselves up for disaster when they attempt a workout or class that is a bit too advanced for them. This only leads to insecurities, potential injury and lack of motivation - which can all be avoided.

Key tips:

  • Switching up your routine or trying a new class has major benefits (i.e. avoid plateauing), but you also want to build on what you have already mastered.
  • Try to use progression as a way to increase your fitness level, this way you can build confidence along the way helping you push harder with each and every workout, not dreading every move because you know it is too advanced or complicated.

Q: Whats it like to be a Nike trainer? Do you find people are intimidated to go to the NTC classes if they have never worked out before?

Working for Nike is a real pleasure. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people of all fitness levels working towards the same goal, bettering themselves. Some are seasoned pros and for some, it's their first class ever!   The variability  gives me the chance to really push myself to make sure I cater the workout to everyone - making myself a better trainer in the end.

Any newcomers are shy at first because they don’t know what they are in for, but after I give them a rundown of how the class works (full body interval training with active recovery between exercises), they are more comfortable. I always make sure they know they can break when they want, but the idea is that they keep moving as best they can the entire class, using modifications if necessary.

There is also a big community feel with all of our Nike programming (both running/NRC/Nike Running Club, and training/NTC/Nike Training Club). The community that Nike has built has really helped ease the nerves of any first timers as everyone is welcome and most people get introduced through a friend which also makes it less intimidating.

**All programming is free and easily accessible online

  brittney hern affect health

Q: How do you deal with motivating people to continue long term goals?

I always make sure my clients make short term goals along with their longterm goals - that way they can maintain focus along the way to their end goals. Life happens, and sometimes there are setbacks so it's important to have short term goals to keep you motivated along the way.

Key Tip:

  • Make sure to write down WHY the goal is so important to your health and fitness, and why it matters to you. Knowing why your goal is important will help drive you into action when you are struggling.


Q: What do you suggest someone do who can’t afford a personal trainer and has a hard time being self-motivated?

I think people that have a hard time motivating themselves should also find a workout buddy that will add a little bit of friendly competition to the mix. It’s always nice to have a friend motivate and inspire you while giving you that extra push that you might not have achieved on your own.


Key tips:

  • The N+TC (Nike + Training Club) app is a personal trainer in your pocket! It's super  easy to use and any of the workouts can be done in the gym or in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment. It’s a great fitness tool for all fitness levels as you can choose workouts based on your fitness level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and your goal (popular, get lean, get toned, get strong or get focused). ***I (Nadia) personally use this app and it's AWESOME. 
  • Music!!!! For people like myself, the beat to a good song can really get me moving when I’m dragging my ass! Listen to music that gets you pumped up and motivated to move your body! Sometimes hearing your favorite song can push you for that last ten minutes of a workout.


Q: Summer’s coming and we all shedding layers… what are some of your fitness hacks when it comes to fat burning? 

I don’t believe in fitness hacks but I do believe in little things that can be done daily to help improve your overall health and wellness.

Key Tips:

  • Drink more water! For most people, we are not actually hungry but just dehydrated. Drink before you snack!
  • Substitute veggies whenever you can. When eating at home or out, try to avoid the starches and replace with vegetables. You can never get enough greens.
  • Get outside for your workouts! The summer is a great time to switch up your workout environment and find new motivation. Take your training outside and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Yes, it’s soon to be patio season but this doesn’t mean you have to over consume on the cocktails and beers. Try to enjoy the great company and sun on your back - social outing’s don’t have to be all about the booze!

In the end there are no quick fixes to living a healthy lifestyle, that’s why its called a lifestyle….it's not just for the summer. Try to stick with everyday health to see long term results, not just seasonal ones ;) Remember, with both your training and nutrition, consistency is key!

  brittney hern, affect health


Q: What are 3 simple things people can choose to incorporate to improve their fitness level on a daily basis?

  • Walk, bike, and take the stairs whenever you can! Most people have a sedentary job where they are sitting all day. Not only are you cramping your posture but probably your mindset too! Get moving! It doesn’t have to be an hour long session, but simply getting up and moving around regularly throughout your day has been linked to better overall health. Instead of sitting in your desk chair all day, take a few 5-10 minute walking breaks sporadically.
  • Plan and prep your meals. Improving your fitness will feel much better with proper nutrition. Have a plan for healthy eating. Do some prep work to make those choices more accessible. It’s easier to stick with a plan when you are prepared.
  • Stretch more. Making time to stretch after a workout can improve your range of motion, posture and help keep your body working optimally which leads to overall better feeling YOU!


Q: How do you find balance with food / fitness / life / fun?

With myself personally, I try to avoid using the idea of “treating myself” with overconsuming food and drink. Why don’t we treat ourselves to a day at the spa with a friend or a new outfit etc.? Healthy living doesn’t have to be as hard as we all make it, it’s all about your mindset when it comes to your health and wellness.  

Key Tips:

  • I try to stick to the 80-20 rule with all aspects of life. If you work hard in the gym and maintain a healthy nutrition plan 80% of the time, you should not feel guilty for enjoying a social outing with great company and some indulgences 20% of the time.
  • There are going to be social events that steer you away from your fitness and meal plan but it’s important not to dwell on getting off track, but to focus on how quickly you can pick yourself up and regain focus! 


Q: Who are some of your favourite instagrammers to follow for fitness or fun?

@meghanyuriyoung @joselopez_fit @palunamoves


    Q: Last question, what's your favourite class to teach and why?

    NTC Studio: a fusion class of yoga and barre focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, posture and alignment. This is not an easy class if done right, I like how much body awareness it can give someone and it is a great addition to anyone’s training routine no matter what their fitness goals. 

    Circuit Class: this is a full body workout that incorporates strength, endurance, and cardio stations. This sweat session has your heart rate up the entire time due to very little breaks. I teach this class every Friday at my full time job where I get to see the same group of people each week. Its a nice way to start the weekend off right with a group that I get to see major progression in week after week. With the participants being regulars it gives me the freedom to kick their butt, and they always leave smiling ready to conquer the weekend!


    So there you have it - not only does she have biceps to kill for, she's been kind enough to leave us with some great tips, whatever your fitness goals may be! 


     Wanna get fit with Britt?


    brittney hern, affect health



    Brittany Hern is a certified personal trainer, spin instructor, yoga instructor, and muscle conditioning coach.  She has a background in kinesiology and was an avid national level triathlete.  Currently Britt works full time as a corporate fitness manager and N+TC Nike Trainer. 

    Get in touch:  Trainwbritt@gmail.com

    Follow: @trainwbritt



    Questions? Comments? Collaboration ideas?  Let's chat!

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