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by Nadia Kumentas February 12, 2016

It's almost national "love appreciation day" aka Valentines day and I thought it would be fitting to talk a little about our friend chocolate. 

I feel like over the years chocolate has gotten a bad rap.  We tend to associate chocolate with things like: overindulgence, PMS, break-ups, make-ups, and even breakouts (remember that commercial..."some people say I eat too many chocolate bars... or that I don't wash my face..." you know the one I'm talking about).  

I think it's time we set the record straight and shift blame to the REAL villan here... SUGAR. That's right, I said it and I know you aren't surprised. I'm not sure when the shift happened, but somewhere along the line any chocolate related product became a SUGAR BOMB with a HINT of chocolate.   As soon as chocolate started hanging out with sugar things got a little sketchy.  Sugar became a bad influence on chocolate and all of a sudden chocolate was guilty by association. 

Chocolate or cocoa/cacao on it's own was always a good kid - helped with the dishes, always got good grades, and never came home after curfew.  So, I think it's clear chocolate has been wrongly accused by proximity.  

Cocoa actually has a stellar resume!


  • Antioxidant rich
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Mood enhancing 
  • A natural source of magnesium and zinc

drinking chocolate

Hello delicious anti-aging magic. To help chocolate build back up its reputation we've created a scrumptious mix of organic raw cacao and creamy coconut milk with a touch of Himalayan sea salt and cinnamon. Drink it hot, cold, in a latte, or in a smoothie... the options are endless.  The best news? It's sugar free.  

I REST MY CASE.  Give your valentine chocolate - REAL chocolate. 


nadia kumentas



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Nadia Kumentas
Nadia Kumentas

Nadia Kumentas is a naturopathic doctor, tea drinker, yoga doer, animal lover, and plant enthusiast.

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