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by Nadia Kumentas February 19, 2016


Happy Friday Friends!

I can only hope your week has been nothing but EXUBERANT.  Over here at the office we have had a very busy week of tea blending, order filling, and office renovating!  
I wanted to start a weekly FRIDAY FINDS because personally I love discovering all that NEW NEW that delights + enriches in one way or another. 


SO this week I have a few lovely discoveries: 


1) INSTANTLY GOLDEN - Vegan Tumeric Latte by Wunder Workshop

You should know by now that we are all about  functional health foods (i.e. whole foods enriched with medicinal properties).  I take tumeric daily to help even out my phase I detoxification pathway (for another post) and as a big time anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant.

  • Finding ways to increase tumeric in my diet without having curry errrryday? Difficult.  
  • Drinking this tasty delightful golden latte? SO EASY.  

Also love that they have it paired with powdered coconut milk and black pepper for increased absorption.   


2) RMS - Master Mixer

RMS master mixer, affect health

As a green beauty lover I've been using RMS's uncoverup for a few years now.  She's recently released this rose gold beauty called the "Master Mixer" due to it's ability to be blended with any lip, cheek, or eye product or be used to highlight the skin alone.  I enjoy the way it blends onto my cheek bones that's not over-the-top sparkly.  

Pick it up from our amigos The Detox Market. 


3) Kacy Hill 

kacy hill affect health

Kacy Hill is a 21yo from Pheonix that's currently signed to Kanye's label GOOD Music.   This girl has all the right feels.  I've been listening to her on my morning TTC commute. 

My current favourite track:  




That's all for this week!

nadia kumentas, affect health


 Questions? Comments? Collaboration ideas?  Let's chat!

Nadia Kumentas
Nadia Kumentas

Nadia Kumentas is a naturopathic doctor, tea drinker, yoga doer, animal lover, and plant enthusiast.

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