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by Nadia Kumentas February 24, 2016

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Have you ever heard of the term biophilia? Sounds a little dirty doesn't it? It's not, it's actually almost poetic:

Biophilia ( according  to  a  theory of the biologist E. O. Wilson) an innate and genetically determined affinity of  human beings with the  natural  world .

Be still my heart!  Humans and plants are long time friends, and as humans have slowly migrated out of the forests and into our concrete jungles we've become a little more "long distance" as relationships go.   I think we all need to start reconnecting with our long lost earthy friends.

Did you know that there have been several studies that show the positive effect that plants have on our mood and overall wellbeing?  Even pictures of plants and nature scenes can promote relaxation (I recommend you go take a gander at our Instagram feed for a daily dose of nature chill).  It turns out that obviously the most potent form of vitamin N (aka vitamin nature) is being outside in the real world but indoor plants, especially ones that improve air quality are also a great way to create a zen space in your office or at home. 




I have a lot of friends who feel they are cursed with "the black thumb" and kill everything they touch - FEAR NOT there are several SUPER EASY house plants that are ready and willing to become lush living members of your household!  Anyone who's been to my apartment knows I currently have 17 green roomies (my human roomie has since put a one-in-one-out plant and animal policy into effect.. sigh).  Actually the header image of this blog is Sasha, my lovely  monstera deliciosa who is super chill.  Full light, water once a week. Like seriously - it's that easy.  (I do sing gentle lullabies and whisper sweet nothings to her too though which may help...). 


Ok so guys here is your house plant cheat sheet for black thumb betties: 

  • snake plant (literally will not die...unless lit on fire?)
  • monstera deliciosa (a real beauty + perfect for all your Instagram green needs... you can save clippings and put them in a vase for up to 8 weeks!)
  • succulents (cute, easy, but cats may snack on)
  • peace lily (gets really sad and tells you when to water her, very communicative)
  • rubber fig (HARDYYYY)
  • heart-leafed philodendron (long beautiful vines perfect for tall book shelves)

I could go on but I think you have enough homework for now.  Go get yourself a plant friend this week - you deserve it.  Take your time getting to know them, soon you'll get to understand all their needs! 

Do you have a favourite house plant? How many plants have you killed? This is a safe place!  I'll post again on some more tips and tricks for my fellow urban gardeners soon!


nadia kumentas affect health


   Questions? Comments? Collaboration ideas?  Let's chat!

Nadia Kumentas
Nadia Kumentas

Naturopathic doctor, tea drinker, yoga doer, animal lover, and plant enthusiast. Nadia is also the co-founder of two kick-ass start-ups: Affect Health a medicinal tea company, and Mingo a UTI defence drink mix.

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