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Hola muchachos! 


It's time for the second edition of... Friday Finds: Reporting Noteworthy Things!  If you missed the 1st edition you can check it out HERE. 


This week I've braved the internet jungle and have brought back a few treats:


1. ARROW & SAGE - handmade ceramic mugs

arrow & sage  

Just look at these beauties!  Not only am I a fan of all things handmade, but I am forever on the lookout for additions to my mug collection (one can never have too many mugs!).  Anna Eaves is the owner, designer, and ceramicist behind Arrow + Sage, her brand and studio based in Raleigh, NC.  Each mug has a very organic quality and no two pieces are exactly alike.  Very WABI SABI .

I've only potted a few times in my life but it was deeply satisfying.  Looking at these makes me want to go buy 10kg of clay and GO NUTS.  Alas, I fear my furry roommates and human roommate will not appreciate the mess. 


2.  An Interactive Film: LOVESICK // Converse Couples 

This was a find from DEEP in the heart of the internet jungle, I'm talking like 10 tabs deep.  Make sure you slide the divider back and forth while watching - it will give you a serious appreciation for how the videographers took the footage and carefully fit it all together seamlessly. GAH so cool. 





A dear friend of mine introduced me to TUT (The Universe Talks) from Mike Dooley a few years ago and I can honestly say it brightens up my inbox.  Highly recommended for gentle daily pep talks that remind us that the universe has our back!

 4. A COLOR STORY - iOS photo editing 

A Color Story App Tour from A Color Story on Vimeo.

We are constantly trying to pump out original content and pictures for our social media channels and editing everything in photoshop is labor intensive.  I've been a big fan of the VSCO app previously but recently I've discovered A Color Story...GAME CHANGER.  CURVES! THE COLOUR! CUSTOM SAVED FILTERS!  For someone like myself who edits + takes most images on my iPhone 6 (occasionally my Olympus EP3) this has made my life so much easier, and the edits are fantastic!


Take a gander at this before and after, taken and edited on my iPhone 6:

 nadia kumentasnadia kumentas

This picture was taken with low natural light against my white living room wall.  I essentially blinked and this edit was done! BAM!



Next time I'll let you in on what podcasts I've been listening too, what skin care products I've been obsessed with, and of course some other gems from the internet jungle.


nadia kumentas 


Questions? Comments? Collaboration ideas? Let's chat!

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