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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Total Detox Guide? 

Our Total Detox Guide is an amazing resource written by naturopathic doctors and designed to help you take your detox deeper.  It covers our 5 pillars for a complete detox: Diet, exercise, meditation, sleep support, and hydrotherapy.  You can read more about it here! 

Do I have to read the e-book? 

Of course no-one is going to force you to read it however we strongly suggest you go through it to get the most of your program.  Doing a little bit of prep before your start can really maximize your program results and help you maintain the healthy habits you pick up long term. 

When should I expect my package to arrive?

All CAD orders usually arrive within 1-4 business days and USD packages 3-10 depending on they type of shipping you selected.  You can read more about our shipping rates and times here!  

Why is my tea so powdery? 

You'll notice your tea has extra sediment on the bottom, and for good reason! We've used a unique combination of loose leaf tea with powdered medicinal herbs.  By using powdered medicinal herbs you're actually eating MORE of the magic of the plant increasing it's effects. You can almost think of it almost as a herbal supplement and tea all in one! 

Are all of your teas gluten free? 

Yes, all of our blends are gluten free.   

Aren't teatoxes a scams/fad? 

We hate to say that the large majority of teatoxes on the market are!  We actually created our blends because we didn't like what products were available on the market.  We didn't like the laxatives being used, that they weren't organic, and that they didn't have any herbs that actually supported detoxification.  MOST OF ALL we didn't like the message they sent to customers that by "drinking this tea you would lose 10lbs in 14 days".  

As healthcare professionals we know that weight loss is never that easy and that customers shouldn't be tricked into thinking it is.  We DO believe that making small, manageable healthy changes you can set yourself up for long lasting weight loss and that something like a short-term program can help create the routine you need to start healthy habits.   

What is a naturopathic doctor // naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine starts with supporting the body in its amazing ability to heal itself. By looking at the root cause of illness rather than just symptoms and promoting health and healing through natural therapies, naturopathic medicine is a successful non-invasive way to prevent acute and chronic illness as well as reduce reliance upon prescription medications (and all of their side effects). Think of it as your gateway to optimal health. From diet and exercise, to understanding your body’s unique chemistry, naturopathic medicine allows you to boost your immune system, prevent and treat both acute and chronic diseases and increase your energy level.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are primary care providers and use a comprehensive approach to assist patients in disease prevention and improving overall health. NDs are unique in their treatment methods and look at the root cause of illness, rather than just suppressing the symptoms. Naturopathic treatment draws from a number of modalities and is tailored to the individual. Depending on the doctor’s approach and the needs of the individual patient, treatments include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, physical treatments, acupuncture and Asian medicine, lifestyle counseling, or a combination of these.

You can read more about naturopathic medicine HERE. 

Why do you use xylitol in your Drinking Chocolate? 

We wanted to keep our Drinking Chocolate rich, indulgent, and low in sugar so we went for a safe and taste natural sugar substitute: xylitol!  You can read all about why here. 

Your Detox Program:

  1. Benefits:

    • Improved detoxification pathways
    • Natural appetite suppressant mechanisms 
    • Source of antioxidants
    • Increased metabolism
    • Improved immune function
  1. What will I notice? You will notice multiple effects on different body systems, which may include:

    • Increased energy (a new ZEST for life if you will),
    • Enhanced weight loss,
    • Increased sleep quality,
    • Clearer skin
    • More regular bowel movements
  1. Common struggles:

    • Sticking to a new regime the first few days can be hard.  
      • Any new habit or change in habit can test our willpower, but in order to make lasting positive health change we have to remember why we are making the changes in the first place and commit to following through. Where there is a will, there is a way! 
    • Adhering to dietary recommendations
      • Like we said, new habits can be challenging.  Some of the dietary recommendations can be tough, and not because we're putting you on any sort of low-calorie diet.  Instead, we are asking you to eat real food all (or most) of the time.  This means you have to prepare meals and go grocery shopping.  Or if it's in the budget, hire a healthy chef.
    • Cutting down coffee consumption initially
      • Heavy coffee drinkers may notice initial fatigue or a withdrawal headache for the first 3-5 days.  As the wise once said, “this too shall pass”.  Trust us, it’s worth it.  
      • Remember to keep hydrated and keep your head high. You can get through it!  Afterwards, you will be less dependent on coffee for an energy boost and have an increased source of longer lasting energy without the classic “coffee crash”.  Kiss the chains of your caffeine addiction good-bye; Your local coffee shop may not thank us, but that extra $5/day in your pocket will.
  1. Can I lose weight with this tea alone?

    • Although you can achieve some weight loss on the Teatox alone, following our other lifestyle guidelines in your copy of The Total Detox Guide will give more optimal results.
    • Other lifestyle guidelines provided in The Total Detox Guide will increase your ability to meet your weight loss goals as well as to hopefully keep the healthy habits you pick up during your program going after you are done! 


    After Your Teatox

    Will the weight I have lost during my detox program come back as soon as I stop the cleanse?
    • Once you finish the teatox the weight shouldn’t ‘bounce back’ as it often does with diets that ask you to restrict your calorie intake. Energy restriction alters your metabolism as your body has to adapt to the new (lower) amount of energy available - thus slowing your metabolism to conserve energy and storing energy as fat to be used later. When you finish your teatox your metabolism will remain elevated for a while (this can be extended by incorporating 3-5 cups of green tea into your daily regime) before returning to normal.

    Is the Teatox program safe to consume long-term? How often can I do the teatox?

    • Although the ingredients are quite safe, long-term use is not recommended past the 28-day program without supervision.  Please consult your healthcare provider if you plan on extended use of the Daytime or Nighttime Teatox. 



    Can I drink the Daytime or Nighttime teas if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? What if I am currently on medication or have a preexisting health condition?
      • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication, or have any preexisting health concerns, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before consuming. 
        Are there any side effects?
          • Although there should generally be no negative side effects from your Teatox, if you experience any negative symptoms such as palpitations, nervousness/anxiety, daytime sleepiness, nausea or vomiting, discontinue use and consult a healthcare provider immediately.  More common symptoms of detoxes in general include headaches and fatigue, and may occur while on this program.



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            Consult with your healthcare provider before consuming if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are pregnant, or are currently nursing. Teatox teas are in no way a form of medication or a substitute for current medications that may have been prescribed by your healthcare provider. All results may vary.


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