Why Our Teatox?

Let Us Enlighten You


1. No Harsh Laxatives

  • The large majority of tea detoxes contain a laxative component, and while sometimes laxatives are necessary and safe, we do not believe that the large majority of individuals should be using a laxative unless directed by a healthcare practitioner.  Laxatives can give the user a false sense of temporary weight loss and lead to no real, lasting change.

  • Prolonged laxative use or laxative abuse can lead to permanently damaged bowels, nutrient deficiencies, physical dependency, as well as a behavioural addiction to laxative use.

2. Formulated by Naturopathic Doctors

    • When we want quality products with effectively dosed ingredients, we need experts in the field.  Naturopathic doctors (ND’s) are just that - they have done physiology and botany, scoured the garden, triple checked the research and hand selected the loose leaf tea and herb combination that really packs a PUNCH. 

    • Think of it this way:  When you want your water pipes fixed after throwing a 200 person Halloween kegger and now your toilets don’t work, who do you call? A plumber.  When you get caught for a speeding ticket doing 150km in a 60km zone rushing your best friend to a hospital after a gory fist fight with an ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, who do you call?  A lawyer.  When you want an effective, delicious herbal detox program tailored to your needs filled with a multitude of potent ingredients, who do you call?  A naturopathic doctor. 

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    3. More Tea (3 cups of tea/day) 

      • Most other tea cleanses only offer 1-2 cups/day whereas our program provides 3 cups of tea/day.  By increasing your daily intake of the specially formulated teas, you have the proper dose of herbs that work at a therapeutic level as well as increases your total hydration and filtration.  

      • What does that mean you ask? More ingestion of active ingredients =  Better results.  Forget less is more--in this case, more actually is more.

      4. Taste 

        • Why sacrifice taste?  Most tea detoxes leave our palate with a less than desired urge to gag.  Although not all medicinal herbs taste like cupcakes, we worked long and hard to create a combination of delicately flavoured teas and herbs along side hardworking, less tasty herbs.  

        • The result is a well balanced cup that is a delight to your taste buds as well as your liver!  Trust us, this was no easy task--many gag reflexes have been injured in the process so that your vagal nerve will go unharmed.

        5. 100% USDA Certified Organic Ingredients

             Why care about organic?  
          • Organic farming is better for local wildlife and soil quality.
          • Organic foods are more nutrient dense.
          • Organic foods avoid chemical contamination which can cause hormonal disruption.
          • Organic farming is a more environmentally sustainable form of agriculture.
          • Read more HERE.


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