28 Day Teatox + Total Detox Guide

Detox tea formulated by professionals. This loose leaf detox tea blend with powdered medicinal herbs makes a potent 28 day teatox program featuring:

detox tea, best detox tea A complete lifestyle program (Total Detox Guide included)
detox tea, best detox tea Laxative free
detox tea, best detox tea 3 cups of tea per day for increased therapeutic effect
detox tea, best detox tea USDA certified organic ingredients
detox tea, best detox tea Formulated by Naturopathic Doctors

    • The 28 Day Teatox includes:

      1 x Daytime Teatox Pack (28 Day Supply)
      1 x Nighttime Teatox Pack (28 Day Supply)
      1 x Perfect Teaspoon
    • 1. Daytime Teatox: Fresh Citrus

      • Kick start metabolism*
      • Increase energy levels in an even-released, non-jittery way*
      • Give your liver some much needed loving’*
      • Support your immune system*
      • Reduce bloating*
      • Improve skin clarity*
        • Aromatics: tropical, exotic, fruity with citrus
        • Taste: fruity, citrus notes, slightly tart

      2. Nighttime Teatox: Spiced Mint

      • Improve sleep quality*
      • Reduce stress and quiet the mind*
      • Liver support*
        • Aromatics: warm spiced mint
        • Taste: smooth and slightly sweet, fresh, minty with a touch of warm cinnamon

      3. The Perfect Teaspoon

      • Use this convenient measuring scoop to get the perfect cup of tea for your 2 cups of daytime teatox and 1 cup of nighttime teatox each day.

      4. The Total Detox Guide (e-book)

      • Completely customize how deeply you detox by incorporating the 5 pillars to a total life detox: diet, exercise, meditation, hydrotherapy and sleep. Learn more HERE.
detox tea, teatox

A Note On Loose Leaf Tea:
This is a loose leaf tea product that is best prepared with your favourite tea ball, tumbler, or tea leaf strainer.

  • Daytime Teatox Ingredients: Organic Yerba Mate (Ilex Paragueriensis)**, Organic Orange Peel (Citrus Sinensis)**, Organic Jasmine Green Tea**, Organic Dandelion Root (Taraxicum Officinalis)**, Organic Milk Thistle Seed Powder (Silybum Marianum)**, Organic Hibiscus (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)**, Organic Lemongrass (Cymopogon Citrates)**, Organic Schisandra Berry Powder (Schisandra Chinensis)**, Organic Grade A Matcha**.

    Nighttime Teatox Ingredients: Organic Peppermint leaf (Mentha Piperita)**, Organic Valerian Root (Valeriana Officinalis)**, Organic Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnate)**, Organic Milk Thistle Seed Powder (Silybum Marianum)**, Organic Cinnamon (Cinnamonum Cassia)**

    ** USDA Certified Organic





best detox tea


detox tea, teatox

detox tea, teatox

detox tea, teatox

28 Days to a Leaner, Cleaner more Focused You!



Consult with your healthcare provider before consuming if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are pregnant, or are currently nursing. Teatox teas are in no way a form of medication, or a substitute for current medications that may have been prescribed by your healthcare provider.  All results may vary.